Are you weary of the never-ending search for an internet income? , the ground-breaking MMO course created by AI Scientist , is the only option. We’ll examine how this course can help you use AI to transform your online revenue in this in-depth evaluation. We’ll also go into detail about the unique bonuses that make a game-changer in the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Oxygen, is an exceptional MMO (making money online) course that leverages cutting-edge AI technology to create profitable “Internet Business Machines.” What sets this course apart is its evergreen nature, with continuous updates to stay at the forefront of the AI industry. I recently attended a life-changing FREE webinar hosted by Brent Phillips himself, and I’m excited to share my insights with you.

This is webinar page where you can register and access the free training!

This is webinar page where you can register and access the free training!

Product Design and Quality

The webinar offered a glimpse into the world of . The first two-thirds of the training were enlightening and actionable, providing valuable insights into setting up an online money-making system. The final one-third, the unveiling of , was particularly enticing. It introduced two powerful software tools that add immense value to the course.

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Key Features and Functionality

Affiliate Oxygen offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities, such as:

Blueprint for AI-Powered Profits

The course provides a precise blueprint for harnessing next-gen AI technology to generate income online. It goes beyond superficial interactions with AI, teaching you how to strategically monetize ChatGPT.

Escaping the 9-5 Grind

One standout feature is the guidance on quitting your 9-5 job by strategically implementing AI-driven marketing techniques. Brent’s expertise as a Marketing AI Scientist shines through in his teachings.

Fusion of Marketing and Advanced Tech

Affiliate Oxygen bridges the gap between marketing and advanced technology. Brent’s unique perspective enables him to impart knowledge that’s invaluable for affiliate marketers.


Comparison with Similar Products

Having explored various affiliate marketing avenues, I can confidently say that Affiliate Oxygen stands out. It offers a holistic approach, combining AI expertise with marketing insights, setting it apart from traditional affiliate marketing courses.

Pros and Cons


  • Valuable content divided into bite-sized video segments.
  • 7-step program with 28-day duration and four valuable bonuses.
  • Access to “CommissionOxygen,” cutting-edge affiliate tracking software.
  • “WebinarOxygen” webinar software for effective marketing campaigns.
  • A 28-Days to Profits Action Plan for step-by-step guidance.
  • The powerful ABM Method for affiliate building.


  • The course price may be a bit steep for some users at $397.

Why Affiliate Oxygen Stands Out

What truly makes Affiliate Oxygen shine is its comprehensive approach. It’s not just a course; it’s a system that guarantees results. With Affiliate Oxygen, you’re investing in a proven method that ensures success in affiliate marketing.

User Testimonials

Here are some genuine testimonials from users who have experienced success with Affiliate Oxygen:

  • Frank Sortini:Monetizing my social media followers with Affiliate Oxygen has been the best decision I ever made. Easy, profitable, and high conversions.
  • John Henderson:Working with Brent is always profitable. He’s one of the best AI scientists who understands marketing.
  • Alistair Smythe:Affiliate Oxygen is a game-changer. It’s the ultimate tool for serious affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Oxygen Bonuses

Here are the 4 bonuses that you will receive once you buy the course.

Bonus 1: CommissionOxygen

This advanced affiliate tracking software, valued at $1550, ensures that your affiliates are paid accurately. It goes beyond cookie-based tracking, providing each affiliate with their own portal. The white-glove service for integration is a game-changer.

Bonus 2: WebinarOxygen

Valued at $1,800, this webinar software is a potent sales tool. With a user-friendly interface and essential features like evergreen and Just-In-Time webinars, it’s perfect for online marketers.

Bonus 3: 28-Days to Profits Action Plan

This daily blueprint, valued at $275, simplifies the process of creating your online money-making machine. It’s designed for practicality and doesn’t require a Ph.D. to follow.

Bonus 4: The ABM Method

The Accounts Based Marketing method, valued at $750, helps you build affiliates effectively. Brent’s experience in the corporate world has culminated in a method that establishes strong bonds with affiliates.

Tips and Tricks for Success

To get the most out of Affiliate Oxygen, follow these tips:

  • Dedicate time each day to the course material.
  • Implement the strategies and techniques as you learn them.
  • Utilize the provided software tools for maximum efficiency.



Q: Is Affiliate Oxygen suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing? A: Yes, Affiliate Oxygen’s step-by-step approach makes it suitable for beginners, but it also offers advanced strategies for experienced marketers.

Q: Can I access the course content at my own pace? A: Yes, the course is designed for self-paced learning, allowing you to progress at your convenience.

Q: Are the bonuses included in the course price? A: Yes, all four bonuses, including CommissionOxygen and WebinarOxygen, are included in the course price.



In conclusion, Affiliate Oxygen is a game-changing AI-powered MMO course that offers unparalleled value. Despite its price, the comprehensive training, powerful software tools, and success stories from users make it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about succeeding in affiliate marketing. So, if you’re ready to escape the 9-5 grind and tap into the AI/ChatGPT era, Affiliate Oxygen is your surefire ticket to success.

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