If you are tired of doing surveys, playing useless games to make money then this method is for you!

I’m gonna show you how you can make money on complete autopilot!

– No investment required.

– You can do this anywhere in the world!

– You only need a computer/laptop and internet connection.

This method is intended for beginners, but highly long. So you need at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of commitment to set up everything. You will also need to use “common sense” and expand on the method I’m going to share. Once you set up this you can make money everyday even if you are too busy working on other things online!

Are you ready? Let’s get started…

Make sure to follow these steps exactly, failure to do so will result in a ban, and no profits. If you get greedy, then you’ll really end up with nothing.

Important: You should be able to cash-out in 3 days without sharing depending on how much time your software is working. Don’t quit because you made $1 in one day!! Traffic hits don’t show until the next day because its slow. BUT this makes sure you wont get banned!

Profit Plan: how much you earn per day
Day 1: $1.70 / HRS: 3 (Assuming you have basic setup without sharing)
Day 2: $4.50 / HRS: $5+ (Assuming you still have basic setup) Day1+day2= $6.2
Day 3: $4.50 Day1 + Day2 + Day 3= $10.7 (CASHOUT 7 th of each month)


Highly important: This is a teamwork effort, meaning everyone who uses this method needs to work together.

Kindly Watch This Video and See How It Works


I will go through the process of signing up for each account below:

Step 1. Click here to register at Shorte.st 

Step 2. Click here to register at OTOHIT’S

Step 3. Click here to register at FEELING SURF

NOTE: You need to create a paypal account or Bitcoin wallet for your payout.

You need any website like your website business, affiliate link, youtube video links for traffic generators that deliver organic/natural traffic. If you don’t follow my instructions, you’ll end up getting banned!!!

Shorte.st is a link shortener tool which pays you when you shorten a link with their tool and when someone clicks on it. You shorten any of your links with their link shortener tool, any of your website visitors clicks on that ad and you get paid.

Share your shortened links! When logged in, go to the “statistics” page. Next, click ‘SHORT LINKS’ button (the middle column in the table) and scroll down. You will see all your links there. On the right of each short link – you will find 2 buttons for a quick share. Click one of them – Twitter for example, write a short comment, share it and watch the money flowing in! You can also share links immediately after creation; just paste long link in green box, next press ‘SHORTEN’ and then ‘COPY’. Now, you can paste it anywhere you want (forums, G+. email messages, etc.)

1. Sign up Shorte.st <=(If you did not register above then click here to register)
2. Create 5 short links (*Make sure they are useful in some way, so that It seems legit! It can be your business website, affiliate link. Just an extra safety precaution*)
3. Copy each link to notepad or some other txt file and save it to desktop.
4. Add your BTC or PayPal Email to receive payout (Account info Section)
5. GO TO REFERAL SECTION and COPY. Save it to a text file called ref.txt

-OTOHITS Bring traffic to your short link. This is accomplished by running a auto surfing browser. You can leave this in the background and earn points, for every site you visit. THIS IS GREAT BECAUSE THEY GIVE A LOT OF POINTS! Basically this sends hits to your short link, so that you earn money!

1. Sign up (here)
2. Sign in
3. Go to Applications section in left menu bar
4. COPY Your Application Key
5. Download software for computer *PORTABLE VERSION (WIN/LINUX support)
6. Start software
7. Enter Your Application Key
8. Let software Sign in, then Close application
9. Go back to OTOHIT WEBSITE
10. Head to “Settings”, Left-Side-Bar
11. Check “yes” under Automatic attribution
12. Scroll down and click “UPDATE”
13. GO to “My Sites” in left menu
14. Add 3 Short-link to Websites
15. Select all your sites, once you added them all
16. After selecting ALL sites click Action
17. Once you click Action, Click Maximum Hits 18. Set MAX_HIT to 1000 Hits.
19. Then go to the referral section and copy the referral. (Save to ref.txt) 20. Move onto next Step

-Same as OTOHIT, yet a little more aggressive in terms on receiving traffic. so for this, you have to adjust settings, so that you don’t seem like a bot! Follow instructions below.

1. Sign up (Here)
2. Sign in
3. Go to “Earn Credit Section”
4. Download software 5. Click Access Token
6. Copy and save.
7. Install SOFTWARE
8. SIGN into Software with ACCESS TOKEN
9. Close Software
10.Go back to Website
11.Click “Your Website” 12.Add the last remaining 2 SHORT LINKS
12.Add the last remaining 2 SHORT LINKS
13.A popup might appear.(Skip through with random settings for now!)
14.Set the settings to the image below (You can click on each individual column)

15.When you have the same settings as shown in picture, then continue
16.(Usually I try to set the time longer, but it costs some credit.  Unfortunately FeelSurf isn’t as giving as otohit, but they do give hits faster, than otohit.)
17.After you adjust duration keep TAB OPEN
18.Go to Referrals in menu bar
19.COPY REFERRAL to same NOTEPAD as your OTOHIT REFERRAL (Save to ref.txt)


1. Don’t just start them right away!!
2. Open up another windows DESKTOP (windows-key + TAB)
3. Click Desktop 2
4. Start both software there
5. Wait for both to AUTO-LOGIN After Finished login go back to DESKTOP 1

7. Congratulations, you’ll start earning money in the background!!

Multiplying Profit

Remember when I said this was a teamwork thing? You need to share this method with your affiliate links to others.

Alright so now follow the instructions below!!


Step 1. Click here and make a copy by clicking on File > Make a copy

Step 2. Edit all the blue text or links with your affiliate links by clicking the pen.

Step 3. Once you completed the editing, click on File > Download > PDF Document

Step 4. Send the pdf to your friends or upload it on slideshare.net or use it as a lead magnet to your email list.

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