I know most of all every new year we setting up our new year’s resolution and goal, today’s blog post I want to share how to start the new year with a vision that works. While on facebook after new year’s eve I came across on facebook and I’ve seen a post from one of the Internet Marketing guru named David Wood, wherein he share some of his thoughts about vision not just a vision but gigantic vision and what I like is that when he define the vision is something bigger that an outcome. You need to create a vision and outcome.

I search on google what is vision and here’s what I got, Vision – an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.

Then I came into a blog and see this quote;

“Vision is knowing who you arewhere you’re going and what will guide your journey.”

– Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner


Why Do We Need A Vision?

We need to understand what is our purpose.

We need to picture out our future.

We need to know our journey and values.

I think the best way is also by creating a .

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Video On Creating A

Watch and see what is inside it and picture yourself in the mix with YOUR family, teammates and friends. Hope this helps you, it will, if you allow it =)

Was that fun? Could you see yourself living your lifestyle?

Comment below if you got inspired and are going to create the life of your dreams and feel free to share this with anyone that could use some motivation and inspiration.