Last 13th of September 2015 I received an email invitation to attend on a free webinar of Mr. Andrey Murray about “How To Create Leads And Sales With A Blog“. At that time I’m looking how to improve my blogging skills and how I can I use my blog to recruit more people on my network marketing business. In this post I’ll share some information that I learned from that webinar.

What is Blog?

Blog is the central hub of your business. It’s your company headquarters online, You do not own any social media properties. Central location reduces stress and helps focus. It allow prospects to sell themselves on you. You are not married to one opportunity.

Now a days a lot of respective internet and network marketers already have success using blogging like Ray Higdon. Using a blog can help you to position yourself as an expert.

Why Blog?

– Blog brand you- this is one secret of high recruiters.
– Blog generate massive leads per day passively.
– Pre-sells prospects who are desperate to work with you.
– 100% in-bound leads and .

Here are three of the more important ones to help you understand why a blog will be a benefit to you.

1. Search engines love blogs. Blogs provide fresh content to meet the demands of information thirsty Internet searchers. Most blogs are updated at least one time per week (ideally) and even as often as every day. A good blog should be updated at least every three days to keep the search engines coming back. The blog that you write should have content relating to what your business has to offer and how it can benefit your target audience.

2. Drive . Quality information and the right keywords, will drive a good deal of free (aka organic) traffic to your web site. When you provide a link to your main web site, a blog can drive traffic to it as well giving you double exposure.

Without traffic, neither your blog nor your web site would have much exposure on the Internet. Without , your business will be spending quite a bit of money on to wind up at the top of the search engine pages. In fact, your blog may be the best in the world, but if it is on the last page of Google, no one will know your blog exists. You are either going to pay for getting that traffic or build your blog the right way from the start to get high rankings in the free organic search engines.

3. Blog can be started for free or very low cost. Businesses are cutting expenses these days due to the fluctuations in the economy. costs are being slashed. There isn’t a better way to advertise on the Internet than by building a blog that has great content and keywords and as a result, drives free traffic to it. A blog can become your company’s best source of free advertising.

Your 2-minute quick start cheat sheet

This guide will give you the steps on how to start a blog and make money from it. The ultimate goal is to help people find a niche where they can successfully build credibility and brand themselves, by creating high quality content that encourages discussion.

First head to Hostinger and Signup for Premium Shared Hosting (Perfect package for personal websites) It’s just $2.99 per month and you will also get a free domain name with your hosting plan!

You can also buy alternative domain for your website at GoDomainToolKit and click on DOMAIN GENERATOR, type whatever you want to name on your website example my website I use my fullname herbertflores then click on GENERATE. I choose to register Once you enter the name you want you can see the result (see sample image below).

Just select and BUY the domain name, mostly it will cost you only $10/yearly.

Once you have your domain and web hosting you need to install wordpress. Click here to watch the tutorial.

Then message me on facebook so that I can help you install your WordPress theme as a bonus the WP Affiliate Suite for free!

Once you already have your installed WordPress site or blog you need to create a content, you can use PLR articles and edit them or rephrase the wordings or you can use content spinner so that you can monetize it!

Finally you’re done, keep your blog updated regularly. Submit your URL to directories and other free services available on the “Net for even more free exposure. Make blogging a priority for your business and you’ll reap the rewards.
There are many more reasons why blogging is important for your business but these three reasons alone should give a company or small business reason to get started with building a blog for free right away. There is no excuse not to get started now.

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