Have you ever wondered how to create a Leadsleap using share code? It is not difficult at all, it just requires a bit of time and a few clicks. I will show you how easy it is in our new tutorial below.

Here’s the step by step tutorial on how to create a sales funnel using Leadsleap.


PART 1 – Setting Up Your Email Marketing Campaign.

    1. To create your Leadsleap Sales Funnel for any business you need first to signup for free by clicking here then check your email inbox to confirm your account. (If you already have, skip this step then login) 
    2. Login and click on My Profile and complete your Public Profile and Account Settings then Save and View Public Profile and Save Account Settings.
    3. Next click on List Manager under Email Marketing (SendSteed)
    4. Click on Add a new list then Enter a list name for your own reference (ex. Leadsleap Lead Generation)
    5. Click on Settings or gear icon (Basic Setup Mandatory) and complete the information like Redirect URL After Verification – this is the link after clicking the Verification link, the subscriber will see a “Verified notice, then redirect to this URL.
    6. Complete the information below the Sender’s Details with Your Name, Your Email Address and Email Verification Code by clicking the blue button “send code to the above email address” A code sent to your email to ensure that it is a valid email and put into the box and also Your REAL physical mailing address, To comply with CAN-SPAM Act and lastly Email Signature (Optional), if you want to have an automatically inserted into your welcome email, email series or broadcast email, I check welcome email and email series and create my signature by clicking the Open Editor and create your own signature or by clicking the Template Gallery then click on Updated button once you’re done! 
    7. Check the By activating the List and click on the Save & Activate blue button.
    8. Click on the envelope icon or the to setup your Welcome Email (a.k.a. Day 0 email episode) This email will be sent immediately after a person has opted-in, together with the verification email. It’s usually your welcome email or the product download link for your opt-in offer.
    9. On the Welcome Email Editor you can type your Subject or example: Forever FREE Email Marketing and List Building System ~firstname~ [Info Requested]
  • On the Body section you can create your email that you want or example: 


Hi ~firstname~,


Thank you for subscribing to my list.


Get ready to receive to your Top Sites, and you can say goodbye to those expensive eMail Marketing and List Building services.


Go ahead ~firstname~ open your free account with LeadsLeap today.

Click Here >>One-In-All Lead Generation System<< {highlight this and insert Hyperlink and add leadsleap affiliate url or edit username with your username then delete this part}


Enjoy all these free features by just being a Free Member.


to your website

FREE Autoresponder Service (your own list, not co-owned)

FREE Page Builder (hosting included)

FREE Rotator

FREE Popup Generator (hosting included)

FREE Detailed Link Tracker (that can differentiate bot vs human traffic)

FREE Business Funnel

FREE Broadcast

FREE Search Engine Traffic

FREE Insider Advertising Report

FREE One Signup a Day eBook

FREE System to Make Money (4 Ways)


Make sure to sign up now for FREE and watch a video explaining how to set up your own capture page and funnel.

==> https://youtu.be/j7X3-6CtXjc


If you have any questions whatsoever, please reach out to me.


My email address: 


To your success,

Your Name


  1. After that click on Save Changes.


Note:  if you want to create an email series you need to upgrade your Leadsleap account into pro by clicking the green button on the upper left of your dashboard to create an email series (Highly recommended if you are serious about building your )

if you don’t have a budget you can still use this platform and build an email list but you can’t send email series you can only send broadcasts 10 times per month as a free member. If you decided to become a Pro member then congratulations! You can enjoy all the features of this platform


  1. If you’re already a Pro member you can create your Email Series by clicking the 2 envelope icon and click on import then Enter Share Code: NWQZwZmu

Replace all existing episodes or Add on? Select Replace all existing episodes.

Under the Include Welcome Email (a.k.a Day 0 email episode)? Select No. then click on the Import Now blue button.


  1. Now, Click on Email Series under Email Marketing at the left side of your dashboard and edit the email series with your leadsleap affiliate link from the highlighted words and click on Save Changes and you’re done setting up your Email Marketing Campaign.

PART 2. Creating Your Opt-in Forms


  1. Click on My Form/Pop Up Manager under Form / Popup Creator  and click on the Add a new campaign blue button.
  2. 2. On Campaign Name, enter a campaign name (ex.Leadsleap Leads Opt-in Form) then click on the Add Now button.
  3. 3. Click on Add a new widget to start and Enter Share Code: VwwVZnZZu then click on Import Now.
  4. 4. Under the campaign, activate this widget to become Active.
  5. 5. Click on Launch Editor, then you will see what your opt-in form looks like, to set it up click on 1. List Enter List ID and click on Get List ID and search the List ID you created earlier (ex. Leadsleap Leads) and click on the Save green button at the upper right.
  6. NOTE: Make sure to get the Popup Xpert Widget Campaign ID: # for creating your landing page.

PART 3. Creating Your Landing Page


  1.  Click on My Landing Pages under Landing Page builder then click on Add new campaign.
  2. 2. Enter a campaign for your reference (ex. Leadsleap Capture Page) then click on the Add Now button.
  3. 3. Click on the pencil icon from the Campaign Name you created then you can Add Browser Title (ex. Get Your Free Marketing Platform For Your Business) and the important step that you need to do is Insert Popup look for the Popup Campaign you created earlier 
  4. (ex. Leadsleap Leads Opt-in Form) and hit the Save button.
  5. 4. Click on Add a new page to start and enter this share code: XGwVWGNBU on the Import Using Share Code box and click on the Import Now button.
  6. 5. Click on Activate the page to Activate your landing page.
  7. 6. Click on the Launch Editor, you will see what your landing page looks like! 
  8. 7. Your next step is to Click on Choose a List Manager then choose No opt-in form on this page and click anywhere outside the box.
  9. 8. Scroll down and click on the Try It Now button, the Add New Element will open at the right side.
  10. 9. Make sure on the Button Setting & Styling the Button type selected is “Initiate popup campaign
  11. 10. Once you’re done, click on the Save green button at the upper right side then there will be a pop up message from leadsleap.com that says Work saved, click on Ok.
  12. 11. Click on Preview at the upper right to see your landing page is working perfectly and click on the Try it Now button to test it and enter your other email.
  13. You’re done! You can now promote your landing page that you created by getting your link at Page Manager from your dashboard and see the blue link below the campaign that you created and copy it and shorten your URL link using bit.ly (signup for free and login then click on CREATE and ENTER LONG URL and click CREATE button then CUSTOMIZE BACK_HALF and click on SAVE!
  14. Promote the shortened URL created from bit.ly on or any other traffic source.

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