Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income online, and with the right strategies and products, you can earn recurring commissions month after month. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to earn recurring commissions and introduce you to my recommended offers.

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Choose Products with Recurring Payments

To earn recurring commissions, you need to choose products or services that offer recurring payments to affiliates. My recommended offers all provide this opportunity:


  1. LeadsLeap: Offers a suite of tools for online marketers, including link tracking, popup ads, and lead capture forms. Pays recurring commissions on both free and paid memberships, with up to 50% commission rates. You can register for free as an affiliate by clicking here. 


  1. : Provides a range of high-quality nutritional products, including supplements, protein bars, and meal replacement shakes. Offers a generous compensation plan for affiliates, with up to 50% commission rates on product sales and bonuses for team building.You need to avail the one time fee of $40 + $9.99/month membership, kindly watch the video by clicking here to learn about the compensation plan and register to reserve your spot.


  1. My Lead Gen Secret: Offers a unique traffic source that provides 100-200 leads per day to members. For just $1, you can get 100-200 leads every day, which is only 50 cents per lead. Plus, the built-in mailing system allows you to send one email daily to your leads, who are genuinely interested in the MMO niche and business opportunities.


Despite being a cold list, My Lead Gen Secret provides fresh new leads daily. And with 5-level deep affiliate commissions, you can earn even more by referring others to the program. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your lead generation efforts and potentially increase your earnings. To become an affiliate you must pay a $30 setup fee and a $30 monthly fee in the first month, both paid upfront. Next month, you will pay $30 for 100 or 200 leads if you manage to get your first referral. You can cancel anytime and still you can earn as an affiliate. But in my opinion this is the cheapest lead provider if you want to promote any make money offer. You can click here to learn more.


  1. Pictory: The world’s best-loved online video creator. By joining their industry-leading Affiliate Partner Program, you can earn recurring commissions of up to 50% and receive a FREE LIFETIME Pictory Premium account. Additionally, for every paying customer you refer to Pictory, you will receive a $1,000 cash bonus. Pictory is an excellent opportunity for affiliates in the creative and video space.You can register for free as an affiliate by clicking here.


  1. VidIQ: is a YouTube certified tool that helps creators and brands grow their audience on YouTube. With features like keyword research, video optimization, and competitor analysis, VidIQ helps users to improve their video rankings, views, and subscribers. As an affiliate, you can earn recurring commissions for every user who signs up for a paid subscription through your unique referral link. Offers recurring commissions, meaning you’ll earn commissions every month as long as a user keeps their subscription active. For example, if a user purchases the Boost plan at $49/month and you’re an Associate level affiliate (15%), you’ll earn $7.35 every month while the user’s subscription remains active. You can register for free as an affiliate by clicking here.


Promote Products with High Retention Rates

To ensure that you continue to earn commissions over time, you should choose products with high retention rates. My recommended offers all have a proven track record of retaining customers over the long term.


Build an Audience

To effectively promote affiliate products, you need to have an audience that trusts you and values your opinion. You can build an audience through a blog, social media, email list, or other channels. Your audience should be interested in the products you are promoting and have a need for them.


Provide Valuable Content

Your audience will only be interested in your affiliate products if you provide them with valuable content that helps them solve problems or achieve their goals. Your content should be relevant to the products you are promoting, but not overly salesy. This means that you should focus on providing value to your audience first and foremost.


Use Affiliate Links

To earn commissions, you need to include your affiliate links in your content. These links will track any purchases made by your audience and credit you with the commission. Make sure to use your affiliate links whenever you mention the products you are promoting.


Follow up with Your Audience

Building a relationship with your audience is key to earning recurring commissions. You should stay in touch with your audience and provide ongoing value to them. This can be done through email , social media, or other channels. By staying in touch, you can increase the likelihood that your audience will continue to use the products you recommend.


Monitor Your Results

Finally, it’s important to track your results and make adjustments as needed. You should monitor which products are generating the most revenue and which strategies are working best for you. Use this information to optimize your approach and improve your results over time.


In conclusion, earning recurring commissions with affiliate marketing requires choosing the right products and strategies. My recommended offers, LeadsLeap, , and My Lead Gen Secret, Pictory and VidIQ provide great opportunities for earning through affiliate marketing. By promoting products with recurring payments, building an audience, providing valuable content, using affiliate links, following up with your audience, and monitoring your results, you can build a sustainable income stream with affiliate marketing.

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