Recently, I experience a problem on my this WordPress site because I want to add a new plugin to install on this site to add new feature on my site 😅 but suddenly when I login and click on Plugins menu the add new plugin is missing then what I did was search on google and type ” .

After that I click the first result on google and read the comment and I try to solve it but honestly I can’t understand some of the terms and what I did is to search on youtube and until I found the best video tutorial on how to fix it!

How to Fix ‘Add New Plugin Menu Not Showing’ In WordPress

[cytpro_player name=”How To Fix Add New Plugin Menu Video Tutorial”][/cytpro_player]


I solve my problem by applying the last option from this tutorial wherein you need to login at my cpanel of my hosting server and click the public html and open the folder of my wordpress site name then I look at the wp-config.php right click it and click edit file and I’ve seen at the bottom this character below;

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’,true); //edits
define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_MODS’,true); //updates it the true into false and click SAVE it!

I refresh my dashboard wordpress site and goto Plugins and yes the Add New plugin is now active… 😅

I hope you learn something from this blog post, The lesson here is that when you’re having a technical problem the easiest way to find the solution is to search on google or youtube don’t be angry just relax because you will find a way to solve your problem and be patient. If you want to start to create a wordpress site you can read my previous blog post about how to get a FREE WordPress Installation.