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DISCLAIMER: This is a sample of earnings of super affiliates
DISCLAIMER: This is a sample of earnings of super affiliates

Hey! Just want to share how to get started with Affiliate Marketing. When starting out your internet business as a beginner or newbie the best and quickest way to start seeing immediate profit is to start with because it is the easiest way to get into the internet business.

Affiliate Marketing – the simplest definition is promoting another company’s product or service in return in commission or percentage of sale. It can be really profitable and it can make you huge profit once you master it. You can apply or signup for free with some affiliate networks and sometimes others you need to become a user before you can promote their product but the good part with the paid affiliate network you can get paid more percentage unlike those free because sometimes they only offer 1-2 of sales compare with those paid affiliate network you can get paid on a certain level of sales.


Here’s How Affiliate Program Works


From the Merchants with the affiliate network – you get commissions paid for referred sales.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Business Model

No need to create your own product
– No need to fulfill the product
– No need to deal with customer service
– No need to worry about merchant accounts
– Your job is  simply promote the product through marketing and while collect a percentage of each sale!


How To Get Started

Sign up with companies that offers affiliate program or any affiliate network.
– Choose a good product to promote or product that you use on your daily business.
– Get your affiliate link.
– Start promoting your affiliate link using free and paid traffic.

Recommended Affiliate Network


Now you’re next step if you already register with those affiliate network you need to have a capture page to build your list then inside your capture page you can put your affiliate offer. One of the system that I use is Lead Lightning, this is perfect for new beginners in affiliate marketing and it will cost you for only $7 one time fee! I highly recommend to get this system. Click the image below to Get Started!

lead lightning sales page

What I like with leadlightning it’s easy to setup just plug and play. You can use this system even you’re involved in network marketing so that can build your list or maybe you have your own product or services.

After you click the Get Started with button you will see the buy button below click it and create your account (use gmail for your email address)

Step 1 – Create Your Account (use gmail on email) and Continue.


Step 2 – check the box I was referred by: Herbert Flores and click Continue.


Step 3 – Fill – out the form to buy the system for only $7. 


You Next Step is to check your email to access your SYSTEM then login on the system click here to login then

Step 4 – Enter your username and password to login

Here’s the new updated members area just click on Got It to access the dashboard.



Step 5 – Watch the Getting Started In 3 Simple Steps Video!

Note: You can Enter Your Company’s Personal link or referral link or maybe your affiliate offer at the box that is highlighted on red box. Then click on Update.

Step 6 – You can choose and copy your Funnel #1: URL (click to see the sample)

or use the Funnel #2: Free Lead System URL (click to see the sample) and promote it!

And lastly, you can now promote your “Lead Lightning and Your Primary Business” url. You can personalize your long url using and customize it (see image below)

Here’s How Lead Lightning System Works

Drive TRAFFIC on your Capture Page link through Social Media, creating videos and upload on youtube, blogging or  if you have extra money and get FAST result I recommend to buy Solo Ads to earn $6 over and over again and you’re now building your buyer list or access my top 3 traffic sources that works! Click here to access. Keep on emailing your funnel link daily to your email list using  build-in mailing system inside the platform.

 Download My 11 Ways To Grow Your List

Final Thoughts

If you could find an affiliate program from the product you want to promote you could reach out and ask the company by contacting them because other companies don’t post it on the public. One thing that is really important is know your terms and conditions or service of each affiliate program.

Pro Tip: Use Redirect Links on your affiliate tracking link like pretty link wp plugin, or leadsleap tracker for free or using subdomain name because sometimes those affiliate link are changing from time to time so that if ever that affiliate link is no longer active you can login at your service to change the affiliate link on the your redirect assign url because if your affiliate link is everywhere you don’t need to find all your contents to change it can save you time and headache.

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