Would you like to get viral traffic to your offer, website or sales page?
If so, you need to read until the end of this blog post.

If you own a product or maybe you have an ecommerce website and trying to get more sales by promoting your sales page using paid ads and do not covert well, you need to spend countless hours tweaking and testing, or worse, giving up,
today I’ll show you a way to convert the sales page into viral traffic – with one button.

OK, let’s get going.

So just how on the planet is it feasible to concealed a delayed sales page into viral website traffic by simply including a switch to it?

Well, allow me show you how I did simply that.

Here’s one of my sales pages for a product that I launch few months ago last August 2019.

It did pretty well when I launched it but with time the sales have actually declined.

While I still see occasional sales from the page, they are scarce.

So I made a decision to attempt a little experiment and I discover this one of a kind viral button.

Diddly Pay is Viral Payment Button

is a patent pending cloud-based software product, a full-blown opportunity, and a first-of-its-kind online marketplace – all rolled into one incredible offer…

The heart of is our revolutionary “pay by lead” payment system, where DP Vendors can generate DP order buttons and accompanying checkout funnels that enable the “sale” of digital or physical products via referring leads (email subscribers) to that same offer…

It works very much like a typical payment system (e.g., Clickbank or JVZoo) including our fully automated checkout funnels, except that customers are optionally “paying” by referring a certain (vendor-chosen) number of leads in exchange for getting the product.

Maybe your mind is already racing with ideas on how virtually any (in virtually any niche) could benefit with Diddly Pay’s new “PBL” payment system, but if not…

Here’s How Diddly Pay Makes You MONEY…

Step 1: Get a Diddly Pay account here.

This will cost you a one time payment of $20. (That’s the price as of the day I’m writing this.)

Step 2: Log into your Diddly Pay account and add a product.

If you sell any digital products online that are not performing as well as you’d hoped (who isn’t!) then add the product to your Diddly Pay account. It takes about 5 minutes.

(And if you do NOT have a product of your own to sell, you can simply use the product included with every Diddly Pay account.)

Step 3: Paste the Diddly Pay code on your sales page.

That’s it. You are done.

Of course you’ll need some traffic to the page to get the ball rolling, but inside your Diddly Pay account you’ll find lots of clever ways to get traffic that converts. Take advantage of that free info!

And I almost forgot, you get a free Diddly Pay  Marketplace listing as well, so that’s an opportunity for even more traffic.

As for me, I’ll be adding a Diddly Pay button to all my under-performing sales pages. Hey, anytime I find an easy to use tool that passively grows my business, I’m all over it!

Here’s a sample stats from the sales page above that I added my Diddly Pay button;

You can test the Diddly Pay button by clicking here.

…And all that is only a TASTE of what this groundbreaking income weapon can do.

And right now you can get it ALL at a ridiculously low launch-special discount price.

Click here and get your hands on Diddly Pay and Bonuses before it’s too late!

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