Are you sick and tired searching the best keyword for your products and services?

Well, I got you covered!

I want to share this amazing software called , I’m using this software more than a year ( started using it October 2014). This can help you to get the true bird’s eye view of what millions of people are actively searching for with the power of 6 major search engines

was created by Ted Chen from Singapore. This is a unique new tool for keyword and market research. It utilizes the search suggestions of Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and eBay to reveal keywords that hundreds of millions of people are typing into search engines every day. And because it uses a different method than other typical keyword research tools, it has the potential to uncover a LOT of keywords that you otherwise might not discover.

You can use to:

  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Find untapped niches and markets
  • Identify products and services people are looking to buy
  • Uncover the desires, needs and pains of a target audience
  • Generate topics and ideas for articles and contents
  • Find low-competition long tail keywords
  • Brainstorm ideas for niche sites and affiliate sites
  • Power Suggest Pro is a specialized tool. It focuses on one thing (finding keywords/search phrases people are using) and it does it well. To find out the traffic and competition around those keywords, you’ll just have to use the free Google Keyword Planner which also provides the most accurate and reliable data.

Let’s see how it works…

First off, installation is simple once you’ve downloaded and have your registration code. The interface is designed to be intuitive and you should be up and running in no time. Power Suggest Pro provides a couple of options for searching: suffix search, recursive search and support for several search engines.

Suffix Search

Let’s say you want to find keywords around ‘learn piano’. Using the suffix ‘a-z’ will tell Power Suggest Pro to search the suggestions for ‘learn piano a’, ‘learn piano b’ and so on, all the way to‘learn piano z’. It will return to you all the keywords that appear as suggestions on the selected search engines.

If you have selected Google, Yahoo and Bing in Power Suggest Pro, it is just as if you’d gone to Google, Yahoo and Bing and typed each of those terms into the search box yourself. You can also choose the suffix ‘aa-zz’ for a more comprehensive search, returning you suggestions from ‘learn piano aa’, ‘learn piano ab’, … all the way to ‘learn piano zz’. This deep scan can potentially returns a large number of keywords.

Recursive Search

The other option, recursive, takes each suggestion from the initial search and then repeats the process for each of those keywords. If you want to go even deeper, you can use this option. The recursive option will return you many of keywords, especially if you combine this with the deep scan suffix searching. This recursive option allows sub-niches and sub-topics to be revealed in a single search. And since these keywords are from the suggestions of the search engines, you’re going to turn up some unique results as compared with other tools.

Here is the sample proof that I’ve done using Power Suggest Pro for the new product that I want to promote;

I got 226 keywords results on searching the keyword sujiko peptide

Watch My Power Suggest Video Below!

This was recorded last October 2014.

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