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Hey there, folks! Today, I’m excited to talk to you about LiveGood, the health and wellness network company that has taken the world by storm in 2023. I’ve been part of the LiveGood community for a few months now, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this disruptive MLM company and its unique products, features, and benefits. Let’s dive in!

Introduction: Unpacking LiveGood’s Purpose and Key Features

LiveGood, founded in 2022, has quickly gained popularity, boasting 770,000 members within just 10 months. The brains behind this operation is CEO Ben Glinky, and they’re headquartered in sunny Florida, USA. The company focuses on health and wellness products, offering everything from supplements to skincare and home care items. But what makes LiveGood stand out from the crowd? Well, it’s their unique business model and commitment to quality and affordability.

The Design and Quality

One of the most striking aspects of LiveGood is their approach to design and quality. The products are priced competitively, and let me tell you, many members, including myself, are thoroughly satisfied with what they’ve received. You’re getting great value for your money here. But what’s even better? Unlike many MLM companies, LiveGood doesn’t force you to buy a certain amount of products every month or subscribe to autoship. This flexibility makes LiveGood accessible to everyone, no matter their budget.

Key Features and Functionality: How They Benefit You

Let’s talk about the core of LiveGood: their forced-matrix compensation plan. This unique system places all members in a matrix-style structure, and your commissions are based on the sales of the folks in your downline. It’s designed to ensure everyone has a shot at success, regardless of their experience or recruiting skills.

3 Kinds of People on LiveGood

  1. Members: These folks pay a mere $9.95 per month (or $99.95 for the year) to enjoy wholesale/member prices on all .
  2. Retail Customers: These are non-members who pay retail prices for the products.
  3. Affiliates: These individuals can earn income in the compensation plan, and they might also be members or retail customers or neither.

Most folks, including myself, sign up as Affiliates and Members to save money on products and earn through the compensation plan. It’s a win-win!

How To Become An Affiliate and Member?

You’ve got two options:

  1. Option 1: A one-time $40.00 Affiliate Sign Up plus a $9.95 Monthly Membership. That’s just $49.95 in total.
  2. Option 2: You can opt for a one-time $40.00 Affiliate Sign Up along with a $99.95 Yearly Membership, totaling $139.95.

But what do you get in return? Five replicated websites, training, and tools. Plus, the opportunity to save money on products and earn money in the compensation plan. No monthly auto-ships, no starter packs to purchase – just flexibility and affordability.

LiveGood Site This site is where you send people who you are telling about our products, and how they can save money as a member. It shows both the Member pricing and the Retail pricing, so people can choose if they want to become a Member and Save, or if they just want to pay the Retail Price for products. They can also join as an Affiliate on this site, however the main focus of this site is the products.


Powerline Landing Page This site is where you send people who you are telling about our Powerline and Business Opportunity. From here they can see the 5 minute video presentation, and fill in their information to become a Pre-enrollee in our system.


Retail Site This is our Retail Only site. This site looks just like the LiveGood Site, but ONLY shows Retail Prices. It does not show member prices. Use this site if you are only telling people about our products and you want them to pay Retail Prices so you earn Retail Commissions.
Product Pages
Product Pages This is design to educate people with our amazing products like Super Reds.
Product Pages This is design to educate people with our amazing products like Super Greens.


Comparison with Similar Products

LiveGood’s products not only compete with Amazon prices but are also third-party tested and come with a generous 90-day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee. It’s a level of quality and commitment to customer satisfaction that sets them apart from the competition.

Pros and Cons

Now, let’s talk pros and cons. On the plus side, there are no quotas, no need to balance legs, and no monthly volume requirements. It’s like the freedom you’ve always wanted in network . Plus, it’s more than just a business; it’s an online shopper’s club. You get paid to help the company find new members, and you can retail products too.

On the downside, there’s a one-time $40 affiliate fee, and you’ll need to pick either the monthly or yearly membership option.

Why LiveGood Shines Brighter

So why do I believe LiveGood shines brighter than the rest? For starters, the compensation plan is lucrative with six ways to earn, and you receive weekly pay. It suits everyone, whether you’re a part-timer or a serious go-getter, thanks to those generous matching bonuses.

Moreover, the training and support are top-notch. LiveGood teaches you different ways to get leads and build your business, and they conduct weekly training webinars, where you can learn from successful representatives. All you need is a cell phone, email, and an internet connection – it’s a turnkey , perfect for today’s digital world.

User Experiences and Testimonials

You don’t just have to take my word for it. Countless genuine user experiences and testimonials can be found in online reviews, echoing the positive aspects of LiveGood. It’s heartening to see how people are benefiting from this opportunity.

Watch My Short Review About LiveGood!


Tips and Tricks

For those looking to get the most out of LiveGood, here are a few tips and tricks. Firstly, make use of the training and resources provided. Attend those webinars, learn from the pros, and leverage the turnkey online business model. It’s all about building relationships and sharing the opportunity. Click here to access my free marketing system 


Here are some common questions you might have:

  • Is there a monthly sales quota? No, there are no monthly sales quotas.
  • Can I buy products only without becoming an Affiliate or Member? Yes, you can purchase products without becoming an Affiliate or Member.
  • How much does it cost to become an Affiliate and Member? You can choose between two options, as mentioned earlier.

Conclusion: My Verdict

In conclusion, LiveGood has taken the MLM world by storm, and for good reason. It’s a unique company that focuses on quality, affordability, and flexibility, making it accessible to everyone. The compensation plan is generous, the training is top-notch, and the products are of high quality. While there is a small upfront fee, the potential for earnings and personal growth is significant. If you’re looking to join the world of MLM, LiveGood is a fantastic place to start. So, don’t hesitate, and give it a shot – you might just be joining the ranks of satisfied members like me. Cheers to good health and wealth!

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